Car Prospecting Technique

Car Prospecting

Car Prospecting Technique

Car Prospecting


  • “Hey everybody, I just want to put together a quick video. We’re putting together the free on-page technique of prospecting as we speak, just gotta edit things and put some scripts together, put some docents together.”

Advanced Training Preview

  • “And I just wanted to put this, this training that we’re offering here is going to be necessary after you perfect the free on page and after you get several clients. This is stuff you’re not gonna get anywhere else, I promise you.”

Demonstration: Car Shopping as an Analogy

  • “So let me share my screen, hope everybody can see that. You’re gonna need to learn how to go car shopping.”

From Modest to Luxury: A Progression

  • “Take him, we don’t need no electric Porsches here, go buy a damn Tesla if you want some electric. Can start off with the Cayman, but if you get really good at the free on-page technique, you might as well just jump right to the 911.”

The Cash Purchase Ideal

  • “Now whether you can handle a Churros or not, that’s kind of up to you. They top out about what, 250,000 I think for that. And the object here is to just go in and pay cash, we don’t need no stinking finance charges.”

Aspirational Goals: Ferrari Ownership

  • “If you’re really good at it, we can jump straight to this, to Ferrari, we can skip Porsche altogether. Roma’s kind of entry-level Ferrari, it’s great if you have kids cause it has a backseat, not much of a backseat, just for kids. But you know, if you gotta have kids or you want a Ferrari you gonna have to deal. Not my first choice but it’s still very nice, 0 to 62 in three and a half seconds, that’s doable. Or you can jump straight up to one of these bad boys. I like the F8, but that’s just me, most any of these will do.”

Lifestyle Change: Upgrading Your Car

  • “Get out of that Honda, Hyundai, or Kia that you’re driving, soon as you perfect this method. Shouldn’t take more than a year, not even sure how much one of these is, but they’re absolutely gorgeous, no backseat though. So if you have kids, you’re gonna have to either get the Porsche SUV, off-road gun SUV now too, so you can take a look at that.”

Concluding Thoughts

  • “But just want to cover this, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Just want to know what direction you’re headed in and help you out in any way I can. And we’ll talk to you soon.”

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