Months 5-7: Enhancing and Diversifying GMB and Local SEO Strategies

Months 5-7: Enhancing and Diversifying GMB and Local SEO Strategies

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  1. Advanced Strategies for Google My Business (GMB) Optimization and Local SEO
  2. Month 1: Laying the Foundation for Local SEO and GMB Success
  3. Months 2-4: Building and Strengthening Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts
  4. Months 5-7: Enhancing and Diversifying GMB and Local SEO Strategies
  5. Months 8-10: Advanced GMB Strategies and Secret Techniques
  6. Months 11 and Beyond: Sustaining and Advancing Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts

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As we move into Months 5-7 of our Google My Business (GMB) and Local SEO optimization journey, the focus shifts to enhancing existing strategies and introducing new, diverse tactics. This phase is crucial for solidifying your online presence and preparing for more advanced approaches in the subsequent months.

Month 5 Tasks: Image Optimization and Strategic Content

Advanced Image Strategy

  • Image Optimization and Submissions: Submit advanced GEO-optimized images to 60 high-authority websites. These images are carefully edited, including the EXIF data, to target specific geographic locations, aiding in local search rankings.

Content Creation and Submission

  • Patch Articles and YouTube Videos: Continue the strategy of creating and submitting Patch articles, incorporating YouTube videos for an added SEO boost.
  • GMB Posts and Photos: Maintain a steady stream of GMB posts and upload 10 new media images, utilizing advanced linking strategies for enhanced visibility.

Month 6 Tasks: Brand Authority and Geo-Focused Silos

Strengthening Brand Authority

  • Premium Brand Authority Links: Establish safe and high-quality brand links through Web 2.0 profiles, further enhancing your brand’s online authority.

Geo-Focused Content Strategy

  • Silos Based on Rankings: Decide whether to create niche, GEO, or suburb type silos based on current rankings, and implement these on your website for targeted SEO impact.

Continued GMB and SEO Activities

  • Patch Articles and YouTube Videos: Persist with this effective content strategy, focusing on engaging content and video integration for SEO enhancement.

Month 7 Tasks: Consolidating and Advancing Strategies

Advanced GMB Photo Strategies

  • GMB Photo Uploads: Utilize a unique strategy for uploading images to GMB, aiming to share these across more than 70 sites for maximum reach and impact.

Content and Press Releases

  • Patch Articles and YouTube Integration: Continue leveraging Patch articles and YouTube videos, a proven combination for boosting search rankings.
  • Premium Press Releases: Distribute press releases to a wide network, focusing on those that offer do-follow links to enhance link building.
  • Proprietary Techniques: Begin employing secret strategies, ethical and white-hat, aimed at significantly boosting GMB rankings. These techniques, while undisclosed, are powerful and designed to give your business a competitive edge in local search.


Months 5-7 are pivotal in your GMB and Local SEO journey, marking a transition from foundational work to more advanced and diversified strategies. By implementing these tactics, your business is poised for increased visibility and stronger online presence, paving the way for even more sophisticated approaches in the coming months.

For more detailed guidance or assistance in executing these strategies, our team of experts is ready to help.

This period in your GMB and Local SEO optimization plan is about deepening your online footprint, solidifying your brand’s authority, and preparing for advanced strategies that ensure continued success in the competitive digital marketplace.

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