Months 11 and Beyond: Sustaining and Advancing Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts

Months 11 and Beyond: Sustaining and Advancing Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts

Please Note: This is a series of Six related posts.

  1. Advanced Strategies for Google My Business (GMB) Optimization and Local SEO
  2. Month 1: Laying the Foundation for Local SEO and GMB Success
  3. Months 2-4: Building and Strengthening Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts
  4. Months 5-7: Enhancing and Diversifying GMB and Local SEO Strategies
  5. Months 8-10: Advanced GMB Strategies and Secret Techniques
  6. Months 11 and Beyond: Sustaining and Advancing Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts

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As we move into Month 11 and beyond in our Google My Business (GMB) and Local SEO strategy, the focus shifts to sustaining and further advancing the gains made in the previous months. This phase is about ensuring long-term success and staying ahead in the competitive digital landscape.

Month 11 and Onwards: Continuous Improvement and Strategy Refinement

Ongoing GMB Management

  • Regular GMB Posts and Photos: Continue to update your GMB profile with engaging posts and fresh photos, using advanced linking strategies to maintain visibility and relevance.

Content Creation and Submission

  • Patch Articles and YouTube Integration: Persist with creating high-quality Patch articles and integrating YouTube videos, as this combination has proven effective in boosting SEO.
  • GMB Q&A’s and Review Responses: Actively manage your GMB Q&A section and respond to reviews, using strategic content to enhance engagement and trust.

Advanced Image Strategy

  • Image Uploads: Employ an advanced strategy for uploading images to your GMB profile, aiming to share these across more than 70 sites for increased exposure.

Continuous Silo and Content Updates

  • Silos Based on Rankings: Continue to create content silos based on current rankings, focusing on either niche, GEO, or suburb types, to target specific audiences or locations more effectively.
  • Proprietary Techniques: Maintain the use of undisclosed, ethical, and white-hat techniques designed to boost your GMB rankings significantly.

Rechecking and Updating Citations

  • Citations and IFTTT Links: Regularly recheck for dead citations and IFTTT/social links, reviving and reindexing them as necessary to maintain a strong and consistent online presence.


In Month 11 and beyond, the goal is to sustain the momentum gained and continuously refine your strategies. This involves regular updates to your GMB profile, strategic content creation, advanced image strategies, and the implementation of secret techniques. By doing so, you ensure that your business remains at the forefront of local search results and continues to thrive in the digital space.

For more detailed guidance or professional assistance in sustaining and advancing your GMB and Local SEO efforts, our team of experts is ready to help.

As you move forward in your GMB and Local SEO journey, it’s essential to maintain the strategies that have worked and continuously adapt to new trends and techniques. This ongoing effort will help keep your business visible, relevant, and competitive in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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