Advanced Strategies for Google My Business (GMB) Optimization and Local SEO

Advanced Strategies for Google My Business (GMB) Optimization and Local SEO

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  1. Advanced Strategies for Google My Business (GMB) Optimization and Local SEO
  2. Month 1: Laying the Foundation for Local SEO and GMB Success
  3. Months 2-4: Building and Strengthening Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts
  4. Months 5-7: Enhancing and Diversifying GMB and Local SEO Strategies
  5. Months 8-10: Advanced GMB Strategies and Secret Techniques
  6. Months 11 and Beyond: Sustaining and Advancing Your GMB and Local SEO Efforts

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In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Google My Business (GMB) and Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two key elements in achieving this. This blog post outlines a comprehensive 12-month strategy for maximizing your business’s visibility and engagement through GMB and Local SEO.

Initial Audit and Setup

The journey begins with a thorough local SEO audit. This step ensures that your business information is consistent across all platforms, checks for any duplicates or issues that could affect your GMB listing, and tracks relevant keywords.

Month 1: Setting the Foundation

In the first month, focus on On-Page and optimizing your GBP (Google Business Profile) and releasing press releases to boost visibility. Integrate your account with tools like Local Viking for efficient management, and update your website to ensure speed and content optimization.

Months 2 to 4: Building Momentum

Now, concentrate on on-page optimizations like adding schema, optimizing images, and creating silo pages. Employ advanced techniques like posting on GMB, using Patch articles, and strategic photo uploads.

Months 5 to 7: Consolidating Gains

Continue with GMB posts and photo uploads, refresh your website content, and use advanced image strategies. Patch articles and guest articles can significantly enhance your online visibility.

Months 8 to 10: Advanced Strategies

This phase involves implementing advanced linking strategies, utilizing premium press releases, and geo-optimized images. Discover secret strategies to boost your GMB rankings.

Months 11 and Beyond: Sustaining and Improving

Focus on long-term strategies to maintain and improve your rankings. This includes regular checks for dead citations and links, along with the continuation of advanced GMB strategies.


Employing these strategies over a 12-month period can significantly enhance your business’s online visibility and local search rankings. It’s a continuous journey that requires attention and adaptation to the ever-changing landscape of local SEO and GMB.

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